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How do I get access to the UCTS?  

Send us a message through our Contact page, a Direct Message on Twitter, Discord or TradingView to @CryptoNTez#9362

If you have questions about how to use the UCTS, please read the guide in this Medium post.

Do I need to know technical analysis, or will the indicator give me accurate buy/sell signals? 

While the UCTS will do most of the job for you, technical analysis is always welcome to confirm a signal from the script. Also you will find very good traders in the community that will help you with that.

Do I buy when the signal prints, or do we wait for the next candle? 

It really depends on the candle format and whats going on in the chart... to be 100% safe, wait for candle closure.

How do I turn off the N/A’s in the script? 

Go to settings (Right top of the chart) --> Background -->Untick Indicator values

Do I need a TV Pro account for using the Script? 

No, but... we do recommend you to get one, since it will allow you to set up alerts for different assets with the script without having to keep an eye on it 24/7.

My zoom goes far away when playing with the script settings and features!

To solve zoom issues, right click in the price axis --> scale to price only

VIP Discord Channels

What is the VIP section used for and why can’t I see the information in those channels? 

VIP channels are a feature that comes with the purchase of the UCTS and  they will grant you the possibility to talk to other Script users, share trades, setups and knowledge overall to improve your trading skills.

What is the difference between a Script Trade Master and Script User? 

Script Trade Masters are community members that have  an amazing trading knowledge and also long experience with the UCTS. They will help and teach you with trading. If they talk you should read what they say, You will learn a lot from them overall.

Other FAQ's

What is H3 D1 D3... etc?  You will see traders in the groups talking that they entered a position on D3 or a buy signal appeared on H3, what is this?

These are time frames where the trades are being executed, e.g.:

D3 = 3 Days timeframe, 

H3 = 3 Hours timeframe

Send us your question!

If you still have any questions, send us your message. This section and our tools are in continous development thanks to our community feedback.

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