CryptoNTez UCTS

 CryptoNTez UCTS is a trading indicator for TradingView that brings the easiest approach to the user to trade with a high profitability rate. 

Don't miss any signal

Based on multiple patterns, indicators & volume analysis, the UCTS points the best times to set up a Long (buy) or Short (sell) position on any timeframe for the selected  asset.  

Beginner Friendly

Packed with user-friendly tools, like 

automated resistance/support levels, potential divergences and pivot points, among others, it provides an easy but comprehensive way to access the market.  

Solid Performance

The UCTS has a proven record of excellent performance - contact us and we'll gladly share a backtesting version/results or the videos below.  

Get CryptoNTez UCTS indicator and be ready, so you don't have to get ready! 

UCTS for Beginners

UCTS 2 Years Performance

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